"For two years i averaged two hours of sleep a night. I tried everything that friends and relatives suggested. I was tested on two different bio-meridian machines, and took the recommended products. I tried things suggested on WebMD and various other online sites, including Dr. Mercola. None of this yielded results. THIS is the only product that has helped me. There were results within just a few days of daily use. The results are still in effect after 3-4 weeks of use and I  have improved by 60%!!!!! Will I be buying this again? ABSOLUTELY!" 

                                                                                                            -Lynn Rausch 

"My husband and I met you at Berthoud Days, 2019. I purchased your Total Body Relief, mostly because I liked the smell but also because I sampled it on my husband's nasty neck pain, which faded by 90% just 5 minutes after I put it on him. AMAZING! On my end, I had 3 surgeries, starting on Memorial Weekend in 2018 - I was left with a Colostomy, which was reversed just before Christmas of 2018 but I came out of that surgery with a paralyzed leg. I've since gotten all of my extremities back but had loads of pain in random places, due to the fact that I was in "protection" mode for many months. I see my PT on a weekly basis and he fixes ALL of my issues but I still have lots of pain on a regular basis. I tried many CBD lotions and got some relief but YOURS!!!... Your CBD lotion is nothing short of a straight up miracle in a jar for me. I have a lot of pain where my stoma once was, due to scar tissue, a parastomal hernia repair and fascia not being where it should be. This is just one of my many painful areas. When I put your lotion on, I feel instant relief. I will NEVER use another CBD product that is not created by you. Thank you sooo much. You and I met at the most opportune moment in my life, when I needed this the most. Thank you so much, for creating this product and sharing it with folks who need it so desperately."


"For years I have suffered from anxiety. I currently have a high stress level that has been effecting every part of my life. I started taking Bare remedies in the morning and afternoon and can see the difference it makes on not only my anxiety level but ability to focus and recenter so that I do not have a panic attack. I also suffer from chronic migraines that can last for days and the total relief has literally saved my life!"


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